I got mail!

Okay, so this is so exciting I can barely contain myself.  I feel like I just broke the rules and didn’t get caught.

I was due for a new drivers license this year.  So, of coarse I wait until I go to my salon to get the photo taken.  (What good woman doesn’t)  As I drive up to the DMV I wonder if I can get my picture taken with my ears on.  So I put them on in the car and confidently walk into the office.  Fill out paper work and then wait.  Once it is my turn I casually walk up to the counter and then proceed to pay and now it’s time for the photo.  The lady looks at me and asks if I wanted the photo with the ears on.  (phesh, she doesn’t know me well)  I said yes.  She takes it after conferring with someone. She them proceeds to tell me that they check everything at the state level so they will reject it there.

Then today, I GOT MAIL!

Have a wonderful day.  By the way, I am committed to this now!

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