Disney Night at the Ball Park

The other night my daughter Kate and I went to a #stpaulsaints baseball game. Right off the bat (no pun intended) we found great parking for $5 at union depot (2 short blocks away) and payed for 2 $7 standing room tickets (which allowed us to stand anywhere in the concourse area). 
We wandered around for a little bit and when the game started we ended up in front of a handicapped section. The very nice security guard offered seats to us in the padded handicapped chairs, with the knowledge that if those seats were needed by someone handicapped, we would vacate the super cushy chairs. Our feet and our backs thanked her. We were in the section along the third base line and had a great view of the field. 
We attended the game because of the evenings theme (princesses/Disney). We wanted to fit in with all the like minded Disney fans. Only one other person we found was wearing mouse ears, but we saw lots of little girls wearing princess costumes and young women wearing tiaras. 
Some of the between inning entertainment was dressed as “Disney princesses”. They were engaging and entertaining for the fans. 
We got the usual stares, whispers, and inconspicuous points regarding my mouse ears that we’ve grown accustom to. There was one bold gentleman who had a friend who wanted to hear about the ears. After the explanation about the blog and why I do it, he had me sign his friends shirt. So technically that was my first autograph. He does not truly know the value of that shirt. My goal is in 2 years to see the shirt on eBay. 
All in all it was a great night. Shout out to the #stpaulsaints and all the staff we encountered for an exceptional, accommodating, and family friendly experience that could fit any budget. 
Enjoy the pictures! 

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