They Let You Do That?

I recently traveled to California for a quick 2 night cruise onboard the Disney Wonder out of San Diego and 3 nights at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.  It was a lovely quick get away.  I had a two realizations on this trip.

  1. When traveling in southern California and you wear mouse ears, nobody really gives you a second glance.  They just assume you are either going to / or traveling from Disneyland.
  2. There was many opportunities to show my ID for various things.   I would get out my ID, I would smile and hand it over and wait….wait for the comment “They Let You Do That?”  Everyone said some form of that in disbelief.  Many, after looking at the ID for a few seconds would then begin to talk about the restrictions their state has on their ID photos.  I learned more than anticipated.  The other thing that was interesting was they would always turn around to show someone else.  (Which I smile and chuckle at.)

Funny thing is, with my ID I don’t believe I have anyone ever comment about my weight or height on it.  I just don’t think that even have ever seen that. I do not have to renew it until 2018, and I will be waiting until the very last moment!  It will be hard to give it up for sure.

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