The Ears That Never Went Anywhere Yet

These ears are ones I have not actually worn yet.  It isn’t that I don’t want to, I just feel I haven’t had the occasion.  Since they are similar in many ways, I thought I would tell you about them at the same time.

These both are very fancy to me.  The first pair remind me of a grieving widow who would have worn the veil over her face.  However on the other hand it is also so elaborate that it could also be used as a formal wedding headgear as well.  If it wasn’t black, that is.

This pair was purchased at Walt Disney World. I did bring this pair home myself, verses having them shipped.  The trick with transporting this style of ears is really not “smashing” the feathers or other adornments, which is another reason they are best worn when in transport.

Another fun fact about these ears, these were the reason of the size of each shadow box I made.  Because there were so large it was hard to get the scale right so make each box the same size but have the ears look good in them.


The next pair is very similar.  It is hard to tell from the picture but the “ear” part is covered with lace and then it has a small simple vail that is worn in back.  Again, I have never worn this pair.  They may make an appearance for Halloween as it tends to match more gothic outfits, of which I don’t have many of those.

This pair was purchased at Walt Disney World as well, but separately from the first pair I mentioned here.  Much easier to transport as the adornments are limited and it isn’t nearly as frilly.

An interesting thing to note about this particular pair, the bow is on the left side.  Most of the other ears have all the adornments (bows, feathers, and mini hats) on the right side.


I hope you have found this interesting about these ears.  If you have suggestions where I can appropriately wear them, I would love to hear it.

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