A Gift from Mary

I thought I would highlight different pairs of ears to let you know how each pair came to live with me.  Obviously some stories are more interesting than others, but they all have stories.  I thought I would start with the pair in a post.  Also note, as I take the close up photos you can see how I attach them in the shadow boxes, it is a 3M hook.  This moves so it is flexible, it allows me to change the display when I want and wear which ever ears I want.

The Pink and Orange Ears

The Pink and Orange Pair

I received this pair as a gift from my friend Mary in the spring of 2017.  She saw them and knew I didn’t have this pair.  Which is really saying something because sometimes I get lost with what I do and don’t have.  She told me how she tried them on and compared all the ears against one another.  These, she proclaimed were “the best ones on the rack”.

I love wearing these ears not only because they are comfy for a long day, or because they match so many of my clothes, but mostly because they were hand picked for me.  Somebody thought of me when I wasn’t with them, and they knew how much I would treasure the ears.  So these earn a place on my wall as a result.


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