The Mundane Daily Routine

I thought I would share with you how mundane my everyday tasks can be.  I needed to go into town for the Post Office to mail a few things.  I decided to wear my Mouse Ears.  The most interesting part about it wasn’t the fact everyone stared at me, nor was it the fact when I crossed the street the cars immediately came to a stop.  It was the fact while I was in line there it seemed to be a non stop conversation with other patrons.  Not about the ears, but just about things in general.  They really do make me more approachable.


At the Post Office


On a different note, my daughter was waiting in the car for me while I ran in and she saw the cars stop for me.  I told her, “If I ever get hit by a car with the mouse ears on, she needs to take pictures and start to document it, then of coarse post it here for everyone to read.”  She looked only slightly horrified, but then laughed and said it would properly be my highest read post.  I am glad she sees the vision.