The Freshest of Fish – Day 6 (A trip report)

This morning was one I was looking forward to, although it turnout out to be something unexpected. We went to a village called Loen and went to Loen Lake where we had what Kira called, “A family picnic morning”.  That meant there were lots of activities for us to take part in whenever we liked as we were to spend a few hours there, and were also having lunch at this location.  You had the choice of fishing, canoeing, rowboat, playing cards or just enjoying the scenery.

We choose to go fishing first.  Well, it was net fishing, and not what I was expecting.  A little disappointed, I boarded the boat with the others in Team Awesome and out we went.  Our driver told us that Lake Loen is the only lake in Norway where you do not need a license to fish; it is very well stocked with trout.  They catch over 2500 there a year.  Our lunch today will be trout that is caught in the morning.  Wow, that’s about as fresh as you can get!

Once are arrived at the nets, people took turns bringing the fish in from the net.  I did not.  I was more than happy to just admire those doing it.

Alisa getting the fish from the net

After a few minutes we went back to the dock so another group could go out.  John and I choose to stay ashore and visit with others verses going canoeing or row boating.  We were also able to watch some others attempt to get the perfect jumping photo.  That was very entertaining.

At Loen Lake

Lunch was at a restaurant called Kjenndalstova and it was very good, again fresh fish, although I must confess, once I had to dig all my own fish bones out, I was a little less then thrilled.  Yet the food was tasty.

Fresh trout for lunch

On the way back to the hotel from, we stopped at Briksdalsbreen, the Briksdal Glacier.  We rode up the path on little 4×4 type vehicles.  From the top of the path there was still about a 1/2 mile hike to the glacier. Once we arrived, we had special boots, helmets, and life vests to get on since we were going to paddle out to the glacier.  This was fun–for a bit.  Our guide wasn’t the best at telling stories to keep us interested.  Again, team Awesome was in the raft.  About halfway though the tour Alisa noticed that she was sinking a little closer to the water than any of us.  We mentioned there might be a hole in the raft but it was dismissed.  But by the time we made it ashore, Alisa had been sitting on her legs completely, and they fell asleep. So as she tried to exit the raft–she fell in!  She was wet from the waist down.  Poor thing.

Briksdal Glacier
Another waterfall and our transport vehicle up to the glacier
Then we went back on the coach to get to our ferry.  We were going to take the ferry back to Geiranger.  (I was smiling and jumping for joy as that meant no more curvy roads for the day.)  Once on the ferry, we settled in. The weather had turned, and it started to rain on us, not to mention it was cold out on the deck. The scenic highlight of this portion was the “Seven Sisters Waterfall”.  There is a spot in the fjord where there are 7 waterfalls clustered together.  This is a landmark which is known throughout Norway and the world. 

Seven Sisters Waterfall

Directly across from the Seven Sisters there is another waterfall called the Suitor.  Legend had it the Suitor is trying to “woo” the Sister with a bottle of wine.  If you look closely you can easily see the bottle, I was impressed it was so well defined.

The Suitor

Back at the hotel, we had an evening out on own for dinner.  We knew from yesterday that I was not going down to town–well I would go down, I just wouldn’t come back up.  We priced the buffet we had eaten at last evening, and it was priced at $80.00 per person.  So that was out as well.  We opted for the Lobby Bar food. It was a great choice.  A Chicken Caesar Salad, (with Bacon!) and a side of french fries.  So yummy, and just right.  Since dinner was leisurely, we had a chance to visit with others. And we went to bed afterward.

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