Back to City Life – Day 8 (A trip report)

This is another travel day.  Truth be told, I was dreading this on many levels. The first was that I wasn’t feeling great, nerves mostly, but the thought of the curvy roads were the thing that was most dreadful.  As soon as I got on the bus, that was confirmed.  Nothing I could do would calm my tummy down, so I attempted to sleep.

Waiting on the bus to make sure I got a good seat.

The plan was to take the bus to Lom for a quick break and then onto Otta train station where we would board the train to Oslo.  In Lom the guides had a treat for us, they went to a bakery and got everyone rolls to enjoy the rest of the journey to Otta.  There was also a stave church on Lom.  John saw it and could report on it, I did not.

Lom Stavechurch
View form the village of Lom

Once off the bus and at the train station, my world was looking much better.  We got out for some photo ops.  At this point in the trip we knew everyone and were very comfy with others.

Getting photo bombed by Pam Hailey

Never having traveled by train, I did not know what to expect.  It was a lot of fun and very scenic.  I had the opportunity to talk with others about the trip.

John and I on the train

Once in Oslo we stayed at the Grand Oslo hotel.  This was the part I was most looking forward to.  This hotel is the one where the Nobel Peace Prize people stay every year.  It is centrally located, being across the street from parliament and about 2 blocks from the palace.  The lobby was smaller than I anticipated, but it was so beautiful.

Once checked into our room we had a few hours to venture off.  We walked outside the front door and there were about 25 teenage girls hanging out there.  Apparently the Norwegian equivalent of Justin Bieber was staying at our hotel.  Consequently we had to go through the crowd of girls every time we went into or out of the hotel all day.  (On a side note, those that stayed on his side of the hotel were privileged to hear their screaming at all hours of the night after the concert.)

The crowd of girls outside out hotel in Oslo

Dinner here was in a private room, where we were treated to traditional Norwegian dancers.  I was apprehensive at first, but it turned out to be very fun.  They showed us several traditional dances and then we all participated in one.  A great way to remember the “Adventure” part of the trip.

The traditional Norwegian dancers

After this, we all took pictures with each other and promised to stay in touch and share photos.

Team Awesome – John, Angela, Alisa, Cody, Colleen and Mike

Then John and I headed back to our room.  We started making a plan for the next day and I had a question for the front desk.  While there, I found Colleen and Mike also making plans for the following day.  Since our “official” tour was done, we had an entire day in Oslo; they also stayed another day.  We
decided to hang out together and see some sites. Something about zip lining was mentioned and agreed to, but I’m not sure….
Off to bed with visions of free falling.

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