Oslo here we come! – Day 9 (A trip report)

Waking up in Oslo was both exciting and a little draining.  Up until now we had spent the week in small, quaint villages, nothing near the bustling city of Oslo.  We showered and dressed and met Mike and Colleen for breakfast.  Oh my goodness, it was a buffet to behold.  So we got our fill and headed out.

Breakfast buffet at the Grand Oslo
Hot items on the breakfast buffet at the Grand Oslo
First stop was the Viking Museum.  To get there we would need to take a ferry, which due to some misunderstanding we were very early for.  We had gotten an Oslo card which gave us free public transport and free museum entry.  So off we went via ferry.  It was a short ride of about 15 minutes.  Once there we just followed others who seemed to know where to go.  About a 1/2 mile walk–uphill, we found the museum.  All in all it was very interesting to learn that the vikings were buried in their ships with their treasures, much like the Egyptians in their pyramids.  Not many treasures were left due to looters, but the remaining ships were surprisingly intact for their age.

Viking Ship Museum
Viking Ship Museum

After the museum, we took two public buses to get to the Vigeland Park.  Since nobody knew what this was, I nicknamed it the “Naked People Park” which rolls off the tongue much easier than Vigeland Park and pretty much describes it.  The Park was very well kept and had many sculptures.  I had fun posing in front of them hiding the swimsuit areas with my Ears to make the photos more family friendly.  Since I couldn’t find any names of the sculptures anywhere, I will improvise.

“Dad kicking the kids” sculpture
“Stressed out Woman” sculpture
“What are you looking at” sculpture
“Dad swinging the kid after he survived the kicking” sculpture
“Jazz Hands” sculpture
“I’ll itch your back if you itch mine” sculpture

Please realize I found this fascinating.  It really was amazing to see all these in detail and in various poses–some that caused you to wonder how it balanced).  So please don’t misunderstand the humor in this, it was amazing to see it all – even if it was quirky.

Since our next destination was to be zip lining, we needed to get to the Metro (subway/train) for that. On the map it mentioned that it was just two stops away, I said, “Let’s Walk,” thinking how far can it be?  It was about 3/4 to a mile. So once we got there, we were glad to wait on a bench 7 minutes for our train.  Our destination: Holmenkollen, the ski jump in Oslo.  It was just a quick 10 minute train ride and a hefty uphill walk from the train station.

At the bottom of the Holmenkollen

At the top of the Holmenkollen

Once we got to the top Colleen and I decided to let Mike do the zipline, and we would just watch. John would take pictures to capture it all for us.    I liked this plan, Colleen liked the plan, John liked the plan, and Mike LOVED the plan, because he was the one who had wanted to zip line.  We waited patiently for his turn and saw him go down snapping a few pictures.

Mike “flying through the sky” zip lining 

After this it was about 2:00 pm and time for lunch.  We headed back to the city center to a pub called the Scottsman. We had a good meal and were all pretty tired.  Mike and Colleen had a really early start in the morning. So we said goodbye to them, and John and I went exploring.  We found a couple of stores to buy souvenirs; we saw a park where they had set up a HUGE outdoor screen so people could watch the wold cup; we found a Franklin D. Roosevelt statue, and watched the crews take things down from the public concert the night before–lots of interesting things to see.

For dinner John and I ate at a pizza place across the square from the hotel.  This was one of my favorite interactions from others in Oslo.  We were seated at a table by the window so we could people watch.  As a result we had to walk through almost the whole restaurant.  As we were seated, the table next to us were talking in Norwegian.  All of a sudden in the middle of the Norwegian, I heard “Mickey Mouse”, and that’s when I knew they were talking about me.  I wish I could have video’d it, because I still grin as I write about it.

Table over my shoulder talking about me.

We took a few pictures after dinner, and then off to bed, as tomorrow we would head home.  I am beginning to miss the kids and the house a little at this point.

In front of the Grand Oslo hotel

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