Day 328 – Are you Kidding ME?!

Can you believe it, Day 328.  WOW.  I always forget to update this.  Anyone know a good social media person who will work for free, maybe the occasional pixie dust?

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to fully explain the EARS to some people.  They didn’t understand why I do it.  After a really long explanation, we were at brunch so I had plenty of time if I was willing to pause for trips to the buffet, they got it.  I even will go so far as to say they admire me for doing it.

So the next question I asked myself, Why WOULDN”T you do it?

I have come to realize that it does take a certain boldness in wearing them.  For instance you have to assume when you walk into a room every one is staring AT you, not past you, or at your friend, but YOU.  That doesn’t bother me anymore, it use to.  I was really self aware of it.  Now I think nothing of it.

The other thing you must be aware of is how you react when people approach you with comments.  I have talked previously about the comments I get so I won’t re-hash them here, but the one that my inner Disney Side does end up screaming at is the signing by adults.  They think they are being cute, but no they are not.  I smile and move on, but on the inside I am very unhappy.

I never realized how my reaction to things gets judged.  Not just with EARS either.  I have learned to be very intentional with my reactions.

Well we are soon approaching the one year mark.  I can hardly believe it.  between you and I, I do not think I am going to stop wearing them.  I am looking forward to wearing the Halloween ones in October, the Birthday one on my Birthday in November, and the Christmas ones in December.

This picture isn’t the best but my friend Joan surprised me and bought me a pair that I didn’t have, which is hard to do.  The best part is I have several shirts that match them.  Also they are VERY comfy, because not all Mouse EARS are made the same.  (Disney can contact me directly if they want advise.)

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