The Worst New Year’s Resolution EVER!

Okay, believe it or not I am still at this.  I DO wear my Ears everywhere still.  However I am horrible about blogging about it.  So I thought to myself, “great, that’s my New Year’s Resolution!”  Well did you look at today’s date…January 8th.  I can’t even keep up with that!  YIKES.  Time to move on and let you know a couple of fun stories.  (That is one advantage of not blogging for a while, I have lots of them)

Since I last blogged I have made my way to Florida and Walt Disney World.  That was fun, I managed to fit right in and it didn’t seem all that abnormal to be wearing the Ears everywhere.  I was really looking forward to getting some new sets however when I went into the store, it was more of seeing all the ones I did have.  I found only one new pair there.  I did have to replace by “go-to” black and red sequined pair.  The stitching was coming off one of the Ears.  Who knew you could wear them out.  I went to grab a pair off the shelf at the store and tried it on and guess what:  They didn’t fit right.  I tried a second and third pair and each was a little off.  So I took all the ears off the display and laid them out to examine them.  I found the Ears to be very different from Ear to Ear.  Some were spaced differently, some were sewn with them tilted too forward, some were just too flimsy.  Who knew it would be so difficult.  After about 45 minutes I selected the best one and left the store.

Trying to find the “perfect Ears”

I need to give a “shout out” to the girl at the Aeropostle store at the MOA. She was excited to be a part of the experience!

I also have something upcoming where there is a gentleman who is so excited to be a part of “My Year in Mouse Ears” that he has written to me already.

Let me explain: My family and I are going on a Caribbean Cruise the first week of February.  We are doing our own independent shore excursions.  On a recommendation from my friend she suggested we contact “King David” for our excursion in Belize.  She had nothing but great things to say.  So I did.  His pre-arrival service and communication has been great.  I asked him if he knew who would be our guide for the day (I realize we are a month away however I am as bad as my worst client when it comes to this stuff) his reply was this;  “Angela, I will be your guide. … I am looking forward to serve you. i am looking forward to  Be part of my year in mickey Mouse Ears. cheers…”  Made me smile.

All in all we have had a great couple of months.  I look forward to sharing about the Christmas Day Parade on ABC because that was truly funny.

For those of you wondering…today is day 471!  WOW

At Walt Disney World watching the coolest parade EVER “Festival of Fantasy”

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